Saturday 3rd December 2011


I think in the light of what is happening with the housing vote people need to know what is going on with us.”


RESIDENTS in a sheltered home have been left stunned by the prospect of having to move over the festive season.

Around 16 elderly residents who live at Maryfields home, in Groundwell Road, have been told they have to move out of their homes by January 31.

Sanctuary Housing has said the building is no longer fit for purpose and has been working closely with residents to find them more suitable housing in the Swindon area.

Some of the residents have lived there for 20 years.

All of the residents, some in their 90s, will be moved to homes in Swindon owned by Sanctuary Housing but some have said that the upheaval so close to Christmas has caused a lot of stress.

One resident who wished to remain anonymous, said: “This has caused a lot of problems for the people who live in the building. Some of the residents are in their 90s and can hardly walk so having to move and especially so close to Christmas it is not what they need.

We have been told that they want everybody to have move by January 31, two people have already left and five will be leaving next week.

We had problems with a broken down lift in the summer and they were supposed to refurbish all one bedroom bed sits in to apartments, but that hasn’t happened.”

I think in the light of what is happening with the housing vote people need to know what is going on with us.”

Elizabeth Heatley, Sanctuary Housing’s head of neighbourhood services for the south west, said:

We have been working closely with the residents at Maryfield and are pleased to say they have all been found more suitable accommodation within Sanctuary’s existing stock which they are happy with.

All residents are expected to be in their new homes by the end of January and I would like to take this opportunity to thank them for their patience and understanding. We are now looking at various options for Maryfield and as owner of the site and a charitable organisation, we are confident we will come up with a way forward to the benefit of the local community.”