Discretionary Housing Payments

Discretionary Housing Payments “provide customers with further financial assistance, in addition to any welfare benefits, when a LA considers that help with housing costs is required.”

The government has added £30 million for 2013-14 and another £30 million for the following year which is specifically for people who have suffered a cut in HB as a result of the ‘bedroom tax’. Local Councils are waiting to hear how much they will get, but bear in mind that this sum will be divided up between all Councils.

Below you can download the Department of Work & Pensions  “Discretionary Housing Payments Manual” for April 2013, which is guidance for Councils on how to implement the changes.

“The various types of shortfalls that a DHP can cover include:

  • reductions in HB or UC where the benefit cap has been applied;
  • reductions in HB or UC for under-occupation in the social rented sector;
  • reductions in HB or UC as a result of local housing allowance restrictions;
  • rent shortfall to prevent a household becoming homeless whilst the housing authority explores alternative options;
  • rent officer restrictions such as local reference rent or shared room rate;
  • non-dependant deductions;
  • income tapers.”

DWP Discretionary Housing Payments Guidance for Councils 


Here is a briefer explanation of DHP from Shelter :



3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. goldengoddess
    Feb 25, 2013 @ 02:07:15

    I am a long-leaseholder, and have Ground Rent to pay, also buildings insurance, (it does not incur service charges). I am unemployed for almost two years now – on £71 per wk (income related). I have repeatedly asked my local council and the JCP for help with my housing costs, but am refused any help – they keep telling me that I cannot get help with Ground Rent. Surely this can’t be right? It is still a ‘housing cost’? After all, I cannot pick up the property and move it! If I didn’t pay the Ground Rent the freeholder could forfeit my home. Please help!



  2. Jean nicholls
    Mar 02, 2013 @ 10:56:50

    My son is on dieallisis 3 times a week he has a 2bedroom flat is registered
    Blind his daughter has to stay with him some nights because he is insulin diabetic but they are saying because she is not living. With him he must pay the extra rent well let us hope when the ambulance and also assistants needed to look after him will cost the goverment twice as much as his daughter how is willing to help him when needed but without somewhere to stay over night proves to be impossible just one case in thousands



  3. Graeme Valters
    Apr 03, 2014 @ 09:17:14

    Discrimination against non resident parents aswell, yes there is a limited fund of DHP available but this is not guaranteed. If I am forced to downsize I will lose my overnight contact with my Daughter, of which has taken 6 and a half years of fighting through Family Courts to gain



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